Qualifying is simple!

1. Successfully subscribe two new women to Armoire.*

2. Answer a few questions below about why you want to be an ambassador.

*You can see how many referrals you have at the bottom of your account page. This is also where you will find your personalized code to easily share and refer others..

And you’ll love the benefits

— Receive a Welcome Kit with swag and goodies to help you spread the #bssldypwer

— Earn an exclusive referral bonus: refer a friend and you’ll each get $50 off your Armoire subscription for everyone you referral (that’s double the referral credit!)

— Get a sneak peek into Armoire and influence the growth of the Armoire brand through the Ambassador community

How to apply.

Thank you for being a part of our community of accomplished and powerful women.

We cannot wait to grow together.